Building Blocks

Building blocks are enterprise-ready, reusable software components providing key functionality facilitating generic WorkFlows across multiple sectors.

  • Reusable software components
  • Can be open-source, commercial off-the-shelf (COTS), or freely available with open access to data
  • Facilitates one or more generic WorkFlows
  • Applicable to multiple UseCases across multiple sectors
  • Interoperable with other ICT Building Blocks
  • Designed for scalability and extensibility
  • Standards-based

Each ICT Building Block page includes a description, key digital functionalities, sector-specific examples, example software products, and mappings to WorkFlows defined in the Exchange.

The list of ICT Building Blocks links to software products, which are candidate products that meet some or all of the criteria for that building block. These links or mappings are flagged either as ‘Beta’ or ‘Validated’. A ‘Beta’ mapping is one that is done through a light overview and vetting of that product. A ‘Validated’ mapping is one that has been done by a group of experts and a more rigorous process. These processes are being developed.

Please note that Building Block to Product mappings are not exhaustive and more will be added in future releases. Please note that the software product examples are for illustrative purposes only. Further mapping and ranking of existing products based on maturity, sustainability and applicability to the ICT Building Blocks will be addressed over time.

Visit the Filters page to see how the filters can be used to create powerful searches that connect SDGs to Use Cases, Workflows, Building Blocks, and Products.