This catalog contains an extensive list of digital software tools and datasets that are designed to support the SDGs. These products are primarily open-source platforms, but the catalog can be configured to support proprietary and commercial solutions as well. The list of products in the catalog are sourced from several organizations, including DIAL’s Open source center, Digital Square, and the Digital Public Goods Alliance.

Each card in the products list provides information on the SDGs that the product is designed to support, any building block functionalities that the product may provide, as well as information on how the product is licensed.

At the top of the card, there may be several icons. The check mark icon indicates that the product has been endorsed by a vetting organization (such as the Digital Public Goods Alliance). A Digital Principles icon indicates that the product is maintained by a Digital Principles endorser. And a COVID icon indicates that the product can be used to support COVID-19 response

Clicking on the card will load a page with detailed information about the product. Each product page provides a description of the product, a link to the source code repository, information about organizations that fund or maintain the product, which SDGs the product is designed to address, any building blocks that this product may meet the criteria for. It will also show any sectors that the product supports as well as information about where the product has been deployed and by whom. If applicable, the catalog will show any other products that this platform interoperates with, and in some cases we have maturity information sourced from DIAL and Digital Square.

Product mappings to Building Blocks or SDGs are flagged either as ‘Beta’ or ‘Validated’. A ‘Beta’ mapping is one that is done through a light overview and vetting of that product. A ‘Validated’ mapping is one that has been done by a group of experts and a more rigorous process. These processes are being developed.

Visit the Filters page to see how the filters can be used to create powerful searches that connect SDGs to Use Cases, Workflows, Building Blocks, and Products.

A user who is affiliated with a specific product (product owner or maintainer) may sign up to act as a Product Owner and update information about that product.