The Digital Impact Exchange currently tracks different types of organizations:

Users can see a list of these organizations and can also view the organizations using the interactive map view

When using the organization page, users can use filters to show organizations that are working in a specific geographic location or in a particular development sector. The filters can also refine the list to show only endorsing organizations or mobile network integrators.

A user who is affiliated with a specific organization may sign up to act as an Organization Owner and update information about that organization.

Many organizations working around the world have endorsed a set of 9 Principles for Digital Development. For each of these organizations, the Exchange provides information on whatr countries they work in, where offices are located, and what Development sectors they are focused on. In some cases, these organizations have developed a software or technical product and the Exchange provides a link to that product.
Mobile Network Aggregators/Integrators
DIAL has developed a list of mobile network integrators (also called aggregators) that provide mobile service delivery around the world. The Exchange can help users understand which mobile technologies are offered in a specific geography. On the aggregator page, it will show which countries an aggregator works in, which mobile network operators they partner with, and the specific service offerings that they provide.
Owners, Maintainers, and funders
The Exchange tracks organization who are responsible for the development, funding, and maintenance of software products. The Exchange provides information on which organizations are connected to which products in these various capacities.